Team Power Motor Brushlees for Category Touring Expert


The new engine test brushlees for the Touring category Expert, Track Rc Vedano.
In collaboration with the Italian importer of Power Team brand, MarKaRacing we are pleased to present

the new BL motor that will be used for one of two categories present in the Rc Vedano Touring Championship in 2017.

The category Touring Expert and recommended for expert riders.
The engine has so much torque and a high speed.
The engine has a fixed cap, an advance of 20 ° and runs to 32,000 rpm.

Complete Rules:


The first race with these engines will be April 2 at the Trofeo Hely-Go

Registration link:[1]=org&dId[O]=9669&pId[O]=28


- Design Specification: Based on IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA/BRCA

- Motor Dimensions (Diameter x Length)  35.8mm x 51mm 
- Fix endbell with advanced timing already
- Weight: ~168g  
- Recommended RC Model Car: 1:10 model car.
- Turns:  8.5T (32,000 Rpm)

- Motor (Sensor)- Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm

- Magnet Dimension: 12.4mm x 24mm
- Sintered Rotors
- Strengthened Shaft
- Middle torque range
- To increase motor output torque
- Suitable for normal traction condition and middle size track layout
- Item no. TP-BLM XXX100CR